We want wildlife to thrive, to disperse and re-colonise our landscape so future generations can encounter, experience and enjoy our natural heritage

We manage 18 nature reserves around the county totalling almost 530 hectares

We carry out conservation projects, including “large area” projects such as the Pumlumon Project, to create and restore habitats for wildlife, to ensure that the county's wild creatures have secure places where they can feed, shelter and breed

We run events to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to discover, enjoy and care about the natural world

We work with families and schools to inspire a love and respect for nature and teach environmental education

We work with communities to improve local green spaces for wildlife

We campaign on behalf of the environment to protect threatened places and rare species. We work with politicians, planners and members of the public to influence policy and decisions affecting wildlife

We offer advice to individuals, planners, developers and landowners about how to protect and enhance gardens and habitats for wildlife