Flowering Autumn Crocus at Llanmerewig Glebe Nature Reserve

Flowering Colchicum autumnale at Llanmerewig Glebe Nature Reserve © MWT/Tammy Stretton

Deadly beauty


SY15 6NS

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1 hectare

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Llwybrau cerdded

Flat & grassy ground


Flat & grassy ground. Contact the Trust for disabled access information.


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Open at all times

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June to September

Am dan y warchodfa

Within this small reserve of just one hectare grows a highly poisonous, yet beautiful plant - Autumn Crocus (Colchicum autumnale), also known as Meadow Saffron or ‘Naked Ladies’! For centuries this delicate flower has been systematically eradicated in grazing areas because of its danger to animals, yet is does have healing powers and has been used to treat gout. Here at Llanmerewig, the Autumn Crocus is thriving under traditional hay management, which makes the most of the land when no parts of the plant are showing. The sheer number of Autumn Crocus on this small site is so remarkable, it is mentioned in Richard Mabey’s ‘Flora Britannica’!

The flowering of the Autumn Crocus is dependent on the weather, but is in Autumn as the name suggests! Look for it between late August and early October.

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