Creating an Oasis of Art

Creating an Oasis of Art

Art Oasis project metal spider sculpture being installed in Newtown © MWT

A Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust (MWT) project Art Oasis has delivered many creative art based activities and outreach projects with varied groups and organizations over the past two years.

Funded by ’Arwain’ the Art Oasis project aims to Bring People and Wildlife together through the Arts. MWT staff, volunteers and local artists continue to work together inspiring people of all ages and abilities to think about ‘our place in the natural world and our responsibility to it ‘. Participants have learnt new skills whilst widening knowledge of crafts and techniques helping to bring nature alive, creating and interpreting wildlife and providing a lasting legacy for all to enjoy.

Severn Farm Pond new welcome board April 2019 copyright Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust

New welcome board at Severn Farm Pond Nature Reserve, April 2019 © MWT

New Welcome in Welshpool

Visitors to our urban oasis ‘Severn Farm Pond Nature Reserve’ in Welshpool, will be greeted by a long awaited and fabulous new Welcome Board. A collage of photographic images of wildlife and  art works that can be seen on the site are woven together creating a contemporary Interpretation of the site. The images were taken by students from Bettws Lifehouse school and several young people supported by Powys Carers service -  Credu. The young participants were introduced to a range of photographic techniques by local artist Linda James of Brooks Art Wales.

Many Thanks to City Signs of Welshpool Printing Group who kindly donated professional services in completing the graphic designs and supporting the installation.

Art Oasis project metal spider sculpture being installed in Newtown copyright Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust

Art Oasis project metal spider sculpture being installed in Newtown © MWT

Spider Sculpture – Newtown

Visitors to Newtown can spot a splendid new silvery spider sculpture in its temporary new home outside the Davies Oriel Gallery in Newtown. The spider was ‘handed over’ into the safe hands of Open Newtown and has been created in collaboration with the Art and Design students of SNPT Newtown College, adding great value to their coursework.

The students were given a brief to create an ‘amenity space sculpture depicting the natural world’. They voted a tutor /mentor and local artist / blacksmith - Spike Blackhurst, to take their chosen sculpture forward to completion and installation.

Brandon Cadwallader, the student that created the original concept hopes people will think more favorably towards spiders as they are "wonderful, clever creatures and so misunderstood".

Mel Chandler – Art Oasis Project Officer said: "The whole process has been fascinating. Art is such a dynamic way to educate and inform people about their world. I hope this may be the first of a trail of sculptures depicting the nature as well as adding visitor value to Newtown."

Many thanks to Newtown Town Council for their generous offer of installing the spider and to Open Newtown for their ongoing management support.

All partners and businesses involved or who have offered support have been invited to a launch / press day at 11am on Tuesday 30th April 2019 at The Davies Oriel Gallery.