Report your sightings

Report your sightings

Female Common Darter dragonfly © MWT/Tammy Stretton

Had an exciting encounter with an Otter? Seen a rare plant? Report your sighting!

Use the form below to report your sighting. For more information about how we use this data and why it is important, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Why report your sightings?

How can we know if a species really is rare or threatened if we don't have an accurate picture of where they are and how their population or range is changing over time

Today's common species may be tomorrow's rare species; we won't know its happening and won't be able to help, if we don't know where they are

Monitoring species can also help us detect other kinds of change, such as climatic change

Above all, recording gives you the perfect excuse to get out there and enjoy the countryside!

In this electronic age, it has never been easier to get involved with recording and never fear, whatever your interest, you can guarantee someone wants to know!

What happens to my records?

Your record will go straight to the Local Environmental Record Centre for Powys & Brecon Beacons National Park; the Biodiversity Information Service (BIS). If you'd like to enter a number of records, we recommend signing up to use BIS WiReD instead; you will be able to share your sightings with the recording community, explore dynamic maps and graphs of your data and make a real contribution to science and conservation.

Either way, rest assured that your record will be put to good use; you can make a real difference.

Submit sightings on the go

The iRecord app is an easy way to get involved in biological recording and help wildlife conservation. Report your sightings on the go! To download the app, head to then watch our tutorial above to help you get started.

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Need more help?

Want to learn more about plants or animals, or perhaps you simply want to talk to an expert about what you have seen? Click on the link below to find out who to contact.