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Survey volunteers

Volunteers survey the invertebrates on a Local Wildlife Site in Montgomeryshire © MWT/Tammy Stretton

Habitat & species surveys are undertaken both on and off our nature reserves; a great way to indulge a passion or learn from the experts



We carry out a wide range of surveys. These might be one off, to search for a particular species, or regular surveys, as on-going surveillance or as part of a monitoring programme.

Botanical surveying of a Local Wildlife Site on the riverbank © MWT/Tammy Stretton



Monitoring is usually carried out over a period of time, with regular surveys providing information sufficient for a condition assessment; for example, does a particular site support at least x number of butterflies.

Pearl-bordered Fritillary on hand © MWT

All our surveys need the support of volunteers. Beginners are just as welcome as experts; surveys are a great way to learn and get close to rare or elusive wildlife. We often conduct surveys outside our nature reserves, offering privileged access to otherwise private wildlife-rich areas. Whatever your passion, we are likely to have something of interest.

The links below highlight some of the projects which involve survey work, but get in touch for full details.

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