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Pearl-bordered Fritillary butterfly © Tamasine Stretton

Find out which species of butterflies call Montgomeryshire home

Montgomeryshire has 33 species of butterflies and many of them can be seen on our nature reserves. We are very fortunate to have the strongest population of one of Britain's rarest butterflies in the area - the Pearl-bordered Fritillary; find out about our work for this species. Other rare/uncommon species found in the area include Grizzled & Dingy Skippers, Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Grayling and Wall Brown. Some species are considered more common and widespread, but are easily over-looked and could be declining, such as Purple Hairstreak, and White-letter Hairstreak. Whilst many butterflies are declining, climate change is also helping some species to expand their range; Essex Skipper has recently been confirmed in the area and Marbled White has been seen once. Please do send your butterfly sightings in, to help us understand these changes better.


Painted Lady butterfly – Feeding up for a 9000 mile migration

Painted Lady butterfly – Feeding up for a 9000 mile migration © Tim Ward

2021 Montgomeryshire Butterfly Atlas

Find out more about the distribution, habitat preferences and more of Montgomeryshire's butterflies, courtesy of Douglas Boyes.

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Peacock butterfly © David Hopley

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