Stand for Nature Wales


A climate and conservation conscious Wales, where empowered young people drive changing behaviours

We’re standing for nature. Will you join us?

We aim to achieve a Wales richer in wildlife, where habitats and landscapes capture more greenhouse gases and where young people (aged 9-24) influence their peers and communities to take positive action to tackle climate change. We will work with Wales' young people to identify and develop their concerns about climate change, understand their motivations for change-making with the local community and empower them to take action to reduce the carbon footprint of their communities - co-designing and leading on the implementation of local environmental improvement projects and coming together to forge a nation's young voice.

Stand for Nature Wales is a Wildlife Trusts partnership project. Over the next 4 years, the project will seek to inspire young people to become leading voices for nature and climate change. We want to use this time to work together to come up with solutions to our climate problems, through practical conservation, spreading the word through film and online social media and a little engineering.

The COVID-19 crisis shocked the world, but has also served as a reminder that we can make a huge difference in a short amount of time with the right will-power. It doesn’t have to stop our work now either, we are working to ensure that as much of the project can be delivered virtually as possible, with strict social-distancing measures in place where physical presence is required. Every crisis is an opportunity, and we intend to use this chance to ignite the flame of change in the young people of Wales, empowering them to help secure the future they deserve.