30 Days Wild

30 Days Wild

Go WILD with Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust

30 Days Wild 2020 is now over! But don't worry, you can Stay Wild anyway! Browse our website for ideas and check out our social media channels too. Wildlife is endlessly fascinating, so we are never short of material!

Check back next April/May to hear about 30 Days Wild 2021!

man at rest on flowery lawn

What is 30 Days Wild?


30 Days Wild is a fun, feel-good challenge run by The Wildlife Trusts every June. Back for its sixth year, it brings people closer to nature where they live, taking small actions that can collectively have a big impact! From little things such as watching a bee from your window or feeding the birds, to giving up single-use plastics for a month or digging a pond in your garden: every Random Act of Wildness counts. If you want to see what others are getting up to, just check out #30DaysWild on social media.

What's in your 30 Days Wild pack?

When you sign up, you'll be able to download a host of goodies to help you plan your month. You’ll have a wallchart, wildlife bingo, an activity passport and a nature table template. We’ll send you lots more resources leading up to June too, from instructions for baking hedgehog cupcakes to a beginner’s guide to wildlife photography.

Why take part


While nature needs us more than ever, the reverse is also true. We’re all part of nature, and it should be a part of our lives. Over the past five years, we've been working with the University of Derby to find out about the impact that 30 Days Wild has on participants. The results show that people feel happier and healthier after taking part, and for months after too

What is a Random Act of Wildness?

A Random Act of Wildness is any thing that you can do in an average working day to bring a little nature into your life. They can take a few seconds, a few minutes, or if you lose yourself completely, a few hours! We've put a few ideas below - but you can make up your own, too!

Inhale a wild scent

Inhaling scent from a flower © Tom Marshall

Follow a bumblebee

WildNet - Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography

Design a home for wildlife

bug hotel

Watch a webcam

Dyfi Osprey chicks at Cors Dyfi Nature Reserve © MWT