Living Seas

Star fishLiving Seas

The various and often unique physical characteristics formed over thousands of years as land and sea evolve has given rise to fantastically diverse wildlife. Whilst we can often observe marine mammals charismatically surfacing and seabirds arriving to lay their eggs the swirling currents beneath the waves allow for a colourful array of weird and wonderful marine life.

However, our seas, local and global, are in trouble and years of neglect have taken its toll on this wonderful environment! The sea has often been used as a bottomless pit for waste and its resources seemingly too abundant for our endless extraction to have any effect. This is sadly not the case and it is only now, with advances in technology and knowledge that we are beginning to understand the consequences of this sustained abuse on our seas.

Now imagine a healthy sea where wildlife and habitats thrive having recovered from past declines, adapting well to a changing climate (only a healthy ocean can help slow down climate change) and where people are inspired by marine wildlife and value the sea in ways in which it supports our quality of life. This is Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trusts’ vision – a vision of our Living Seas.

The vision of our Living Seas is an ambitious one, one in which it is believed that with your help can turn the tide on marine degradation within 20 years as long as we seize the opportunities now!

Montgomeryshire may not have much coast, but our actions still impact on the marine environment. The work of Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust is no exception, most easily understood through our Source to Sea Project.

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