Staff profiles

We are a small, dedicated team, working hard for the benefit Montgomeryshire's wildlife and people...

Clive Faulkner

Chief Executive Officer

My job is to enable everyone else to do their job! That makes me very lucky because I have the most fantastic team; they are enthusiastic, creative and dedicated. That means I can put a lot of time into developing the Trust, looking for new ways to make Montgomeryshire a better place for wildlife.


Eley Hart

Resources Manager

I ensure that the Trust's operational systems are in place, including HR, Health and Safety and finance. I also enjoy managing the office and editing the Trust’s Wildlife News magazine.


Mike Winstanley

Mike WinstanleyLiving Landscapes Manager

I manage our Living Landscapes Department that looks after our nature reserves. We also work closely with local communities and our partners to deliver nature conservation, environmental education and health & wellbeing projects across Montgomeryshire.


Emyr Evans

Dyfi Projects Manager

I am responsible for managing Cors Dyfi Nature Reserve funded projects for the Trust, particularly focussed on the conservation of ospreys and our visitor facilities.


Sandy Scott

Membership Officer

I look after the Trust's existing members and coordinate the recruiting of new members across the county and beyond! I also manage the Trust’s shop in Welshpool and enjoy sourcing local, wildlife inspired products and helping visitors to the office.

Tammy Stretton

Tammy StrettonConservation Officer

I deliver species and habitat-based projects, both on and off our Nature Reserves and provide advice on all things fluffy, colourful & slimey. I am also the Trust’s web master.


Rob Haigh

Reserves Officer

I've got the exciting job of looking after the Trust's Nature Reserves for wildlife and for people. I have a dedicated volunteer work crew to help me achieve our work.


Dan Hodgkiss

Dan HodgkissBiodiversity Outreach Officer

My job involves conducting fieldwork and biological monitoring and engaging with you lovely lot, spreading the word of our work through the community.


Mel Chandler

Mel ChandlerArt Oasis Project Officer

I am part of a team developing youth based outreach sessions which promote and connect the younger generation to the natural world as part of the Art Oasis Project.


Dewi Morris

Dewi MorrisArt Oasis Project Officer

I’m responsible for meeting the objectives of the ‘Art Oasis’ project. Organising and supporting the artist community in delivering the project objectives and engaging with the younger community on youth based outreach sessions.                                                                               

Janine Pannett

Volunteer Development Officer - Dyfi Osprey Project

I manage volunteer coordination, development and recruitment at the Dyfi Osprey Project throughout the year.



Kim Williams

Dyfi Osprey Project Officer

I look after visitors, group visits, education activities and events at the Dyfi Osprey Project. I also work with volunteers and other trust staff to manage Cors Dyfi Nature Reserve.