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Wildlife needs our help. Climate change means many plants and animals may face extinction unless they are able to move in search of suitable conditions: a 2°C rise in temperature will shift the natural range of some species over 150 miles to the north or nearly 1,000ft up the hillsides. Wildlife needs to adapt, and for that to happen, we need to address the whole landscape. Critically, we need to restore healthy, living landscapes that can help to alleviate floods, control pollution and help us cope with extremes of temperature.

To help the natural environment survive these dramatic changes, Wildlife Trusts around the UK have an ambitious vision known as A Living Landscape. Throughout the UK, in urban and rural areas, The Wildlife Trusts are putting this vision into practice.

What is A Living Landscape?
It is a strategic vision of our landscape that will help us create a resilient and healthy environment. We are identifying key areas to protect for wildlife, enlarging, improving and joining them up, across the UK; on nature reserves, in towns and cities, and in partnership with hundreds of other land-owners. We need a healthy natural environment to enable wildlife and people to adapt to a changing climate.

There are now over 100 Living Landscape schemes around the UK. These schemes are creating inspirational, accessible landscapes - full of wildlife and rich in opportunities for learning, better health and wellbeing, alongside sustainable economic development.

The local Living Landscapes scheme is the Pumlumon Project; click here to find out more.

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Protecting Wildlife for the Future