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Have fun with nature!

Click on the downloads below to access colouring pictures, including the colouring sheets from Cors Dyfi and the Dyfi Osprey Project, activities and spotter charts to help you have fun with nature.

When downloading the colouring pictures, don't forget to download both the blank and the colour version.

More resources can be found on the Wildlife Watch website.




FilenameFile size
lcyd_orchard_quiz_trail_no_answers.pdf153.29 KB
minibeasts blank.pdf1.37 MB
minibeasts_colour.pdf1.7 MB
mammals_reptiles_and_amphibians_blank.pdf1.18 MB
mammals_reptiles_and_amphibians_colour.pdf1.71 MB
mark_and_recapture_snails_activity_sheet.pdf131.09 KB
butterfly_feeder_activity_sheet.pdf7.84 MB
compost_activity_sheet.pdf161.14 KB
wild_fruit_detective_spotter.pdf362.44 KB
farmland_bird_detective_spotter.pdf197.51 KB
fungi_detective_spotter.pdf1.18 MB
snail_detective_spotter.pdf320.7 KB
cors_dyfi_butterflies_and_moths_sheet.pdf808.54 KB
cors_dyfi_lizards_and_frogs_sheet.pdf791.48 KB
cors_dyfi_osprey_sheet.pdf335.39 KB
cors_dyfi_window_sheet.pdf155.25 KB