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Posted: Friday 27th February 2015 by CoedPendugwmDiaries

In the snow at Coed Pendugwm © Kevin HeywoodIn the snow at Coed Pendugwm © Kevin Heywood

Welcome to our new blog about Coed Pendugwm Nature Reserve, written by Volunteer Warden Tammy Stretton

Not many people have visited Coed Pendugwm Nature Reserve. It's a small woodland, in the middle of nowhere, but it's packed full of wonderful wildlife. My favourites have to be the dormice; they have it all, they're unbelievably cute and docile, as well as being elusive, making each sighting special. Otters are secretive too. It is rare for me not to find their calling cards (spraints) on the rocks in the stream, but I've never seen one at Coed Pendugwm and have also failed to record them on trail cameras.

In the spring, the woodland bird song puts a big smile on my face, particularly when the smart Pied Flycatchers arrive from warmer climes. When I hear the song of the Wood Warbler it is a red letter day!

These are just a few moments which make this wood special. This blog is a window into all things Coed Pendugwm; I hope you like it!

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