The Pearl-bordered Fritillary is a rare butterfly on the edge. We need to raise £15,000 for vital habitat management before the end of December; can you help? #PBFANewHope



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Time for action

The Pearl-bordered Fritillary (Boloria euphrosyne) is one of the UK most threatened species, occuring in just 5% of its former haunts. It is now restricted to a handful of sites within Wales and the last remaining stronghold is Montgomeryshire.

For over 20 years, Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust has been working to safeguard the future of this beautiful butterfly, carrying out habitat management and annual surveys to monitor their progress. Where consistent management has been undertaken, the PBF (as we affectionately know it) has generally responded well. However, recent unsettled, cold spring and wet summer weather, has pushed the species closer to the edge and we have lost one isolated colony. This puts the total down to just 11 sites in the whole of Wales, eight of which are in Montgomeryshire.

With the vagaries of our changing climate, it is now even more important for us to carry out regular management and seek opportunities to expand the population, Sadly, this comes at a time of much uncertainty regarding funding. Recent applications for support have failed, meaning as things currently stand, we have no money to pay for the work this winter.

We need to raise £15,000 before the end of December. Without this, the PBF faces a bleak future. Please help us save this little gem. #PBFANewHope