Element 7: Developing Green Tourism

For many forms of low-impact tourism, the wilder the landscape the better

Underpinning the Pumlumon Project is a simple expectation: a healthy, diverse, wildlife-rich landscape attracts visitors

We expect that the work we are doing in the Pumlumon Project will also benefit local people's livelihoods, health and well-being.

For example, because storing carbon, reducing flooding and improving wildlife benefits the whole of society, we anticipate that farmers and other landowners will be paid for the new ways they manage the land. Another consequence is to encourage (or directly produce) new sustainable tourism products such as walking, kayaking, mountain biking and wildlife watching.

This is the key to increasing visitor spend and lengthening the tourism season. All visitor surveys show that people who already visit the area for a holiday or day trip do so to experience the landscape, scenery and wildlife - in other words to enjoy Pumlumon's natural assets. Our work will only increase this attraction.