Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust are pleased to announce that the Dolforwyn Woods appeal has been successful and we are now the proud owners of Dolforwyn Woods Nature Reserve! A huge thank you to all the wonderful volunteers and donors for all their generous support. We couldn’t have done it without you!


Dolforwyn Woods has been managed as a nature reserve by MWT for 7 years. During that time we have worked hard to improve the variety and quality of habitats available and this is apparent in the range of species which now call the woods home. Dormice are breeding in the nest boxes we have erected and plants, including the rare Herb Paris, now thrive where we have undertaken scrub clearance and coppicing. If you are lucky, you will hear a Green Woodpecker or see the orange flash of a Silver-washed Fritillary in the areas of ancient woodland.

Dolforwyn Woods is not only a haven for wildlife, it is a sanctuary for people too. The reserve is a much loved community space where people can ramble amongst the trees, walk the dog, have a picnic and even ride their horse along the bridle path. MWT uses the reserve to host amazing events, such as bat and moth nights, herb walks and family fun days.


If you were out and about during October 2014 the chances are you will have witnessed some of the fun events and crazy stunts the staff and volunteers of Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust undertook as part of the '30 Days to Save Dolforwyn' appeal.

'30 Days to Save Dolforwyn' on ITV Wales News

Courtesy of Kevin Ashford, ITV Wales -

The support we received, both from Montgomeryshire and around the UK was amazing, with a staggering £80,000 raised through community events and social media. Corporate funding put the purchase of the wood well within our sights, with the purchase completed at the end of March 2015. MWT would like to thank each and every person who has helped us get this far – we could not have done it without you!

But its not too late to get involved! We still have to pay back some generous loans given to us by members. You can help us reach the full amount we need by donating to the appeal.

Your support will make a real difference - please help if you can.