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Pied Flycatchers are back

Posted: Sunday 26th April 2015 by CoedPendugwmDiaries

Pied Flycatcher in MWT's Coed Pendugwm Nature Reserve by Tamasine StrettonPied Flycatcher in Coed Pendugwm by Tamasine Stretton

And just like that, the woodland is full of Pied Flycatchers! Males singing, desperately trying to attract a mate and chasing each other around for the best territories.

Tit nest in a nest box at Coed Pendugwm, Tamasine StrettonThe first dormouse box check of the year revealed no dormice, in fact no mammals in evidence at all. Apart from invertebrates, the only occupants were fresh bird's nests, all created by tits, probably Blue Tits.

The tits won't have the boxes to themselves for long. Now the Pied Flycatchers are back, they will claim some for themselves. I wish them a successful breeding season. I also hope the other birds do well; Blackcap, Chiffchaff, Grey Wagtail, Treecreeper, Willow Warbler, 21 bird species were recorded during the last visit.

First Bluebell of 2015 at Coed Pendugwm by Tamasine StrettonEverything is so fresh at this time of year, it's wonderful. Leaves bursting forth, the ground covered in fresh growth and beautiful flowers. The first Bluebells are blooming now and there will soon be carpets of them. Will they be as stunning as last year?

What of the strange aquatic creatures found on a stone in the stream last time? It has been suggested that they are caddisfly larva cases and this seems right. There are many different species of caddisfly and each species makes a case out of different materials or in different ways. Some live fairly solitary lives, but these seem to prefer to hang out together!

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